Complete Guide How to download and install LoadRunner for free

Loadrunner installation is very simple and like other setup you run on daily basis for you needs. You can download set up of LoadRunner from the HPE website which is known as MicroFocus now. Initally it allows you to work on Trail license and 50 virtual users in community edition. It also allow multiple protocols DCOM and GUI.

We will cover following points during tutorial.
1. Systems Requirements to install LoadRunner
2. Complete guide of Installation step by step.
3. License Setup.

LoadRunner Operating/System Requirements

Hardware requirements
This table provides hardware requirements for the products listed above. Memory and CPU requirements vary per protocol and system under test.

Hardware Component Supported Recommended
Processor 2 Core CPU 8 Core CPU
Processor for UI Level Protocols* 8 Core CUP 16 Core CPU
Memory (RAM) 8 GB 16 GB
Memory (RAM) for UI Level Protocols 16GB 32 GB
Avaialble Hard Drive Space 50GB 100GB SSD Drive
Network Card 1GBit/s  

* Such as TruClient, Citrix, SAPGUI, and so on.

To download LoadRunner follow below instructions.

Step 1: Open this URL in your browser.
Once the HPE Download page has been opened as shown in below screenshot.
Once you will click on above download option, it will take you to the sign up screen.

Once you have filled above form with all required fields it will take you to below email screen.
Make sure it will ask you to confirm your email, so go to your email which you have entered during sign up and click on confirm email from your email. Once email confirmation is done you will see below screen.

Installation Guide Step by Step:

Step 1. Once you will click on Download button as showing in above screenshot, it will download a zip file as showing in below screenshot.
Step 2. Go to the location of Zip and extract it, once extraction is done you will see setup files as showing in below screenshot.
Step 3. Click on .exe file and and you will see a screen to move further for installation. It is better to run this set up as administrator to get rid of any permission issue.
Step 4. Use browse button to change installation directory, We will recommend you to leave this as it is. Click on Install.
Step 5. Once you click on Install it will show you progress of installation as showing in below screenshot.
Step 6. The set up also required some window updates and confirms from you to check as showing in below screenshot.
Just click OK to let set up check Microsoft required updates, Once Update check is in progress it will show you command line window. You don't need to do anything with this window.
Once Microsoft updates check is completed it will show you below set up screen.
Step 7. Keep LoadRunner as check in Radio button and Click on Next, Once you will Click next it will show you below screen which License Agreement. Click on First checkbox to accept license agreement. 

Once you check "I accept the terms in the License Agreement" you will see below screen.

From above screenshot it shows you how to change drive location. Will recommend you to keep location as it is and click on next.
It will show you below screenshot.
Once you click on Install 

Wait until the setup is complete. Once set up is complete it will show you below screen.

Un-check first option where it asks for certificate and click on Next. It will show you below screen.

Keep the checked thing as it is and click on finish.

LoadRunner License Setup Guide

As we discussed above it will provide you 50 free virtual users to test with if you have purchase license you can update it any time. To update after installation search LoadRunner in your windows programs and it will come up in results as showing in below screenshot.
Click on selected "LoadRunner License Utility" below screen will be displayed.
If you want to install new license click on Install New License at below of this screenshot.
Once you click on it, you will see below screen.
Click on browse and select you license from local machine and click on install. Your license will be installed successfully. Our next sessions will guide you how to use LoadRunner.

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